Go and make disciples of all the nations… Matthew 28:19

Our group went to a house church in Asia for dinner, fellowship and sharing one evening during the IC project.  The place was packed, and we had a lot of Filipinos and few other nationalities as well.  During the meeting our group focused on the large group of lost people that had been invited, and we shared the gospel using the Evangecube and picture cards that share from creation to God’s plan for each of our lives.

When the gospel presentations were complete and several people prayed to accept the Lord as their personal Savior, I began talking to two of the ladies that sat near me and asked them about their salvation experience.  Both ladies responded that they had always been saved since birth.  They also said they had been sprinkled at birth which also confirmed their salvation.  I smiled and said, “I’m glad I asked and could you both give me 10 minutes to talk about God’s salvation.”  After sharing Christ with them I asked for their hands and held them as I led them through the sinner’s prayer.  One of the ladies cried as she prayed, and both now know our Savior.

Salvation is not an automatic thing that just happens when we are born.  The Bible says we must be born again.  We must respond to Christ believing He died on the cross, walked out of the tomb after three days and is alive today and forgives our sins.  He is alive.  Both ladies hugged me and thanked me for sharing and caring enough to guide them to the Lord.  I now have two more sisters that I will get to spend eternity with.

Please plan your next IC project today, there are people that want to know about Jesus Christ and hear your testimony.  Check out all of the projects today.  MH