What is the IC “PRO” Team?

Partners Reaching Others

Your partnership will reach others in two ways:

  • Your financial support will help reach the unsaved with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as you help underwrite one or more National-to-National projects (N2N) around the world.
  • Your influence will help involve others within your circle of friends, business associates and family members to also make an eternal impact by helping fulfill the Great Commission through their support of a N2N project.

How do I become a member?

By joining the IC PRO Team you become a voice that encourages our fellow believers to reach out to the lost in their community, regardless of where it is in the world.

There are two ways to become a PRO Team Member. The first is to join a PRO Team Cluster. By joining the cluster, you are saying, “I am willing to allow the Lord to use my talents and resources to provide financial support for a N2N project and/or to enlist additional PRO Team Members.” Each cluster is made up of five groups—a Lead Group and four Disciple Groups.

The Lead Group

  • Consists of a Cluster Leader and at least three other members.
  • Agrees to fund a N2N project with a cost of $3,000 or more. Each member will give or raise $750 or ¼ of the cost.
  • Each member, including the leader, will commit to enlist a second group of three or more team members to fund another N2N project.

The Discipleship Group

  • Consists of a Group Leader who is a part of the Lead Group and at least three other members.
  • Agrees to fund a N2N project with a cost of $2,400 or more. Each member will give or raise $600 or ¼ of the cost.

A Cluster is designed to fund five N2N projects and to discipline its members in being Great Commission Christians through the use of their talents and resources. The second way to become a PRO Team Member is to join as a Specialist. As a Specialist, you are committing to fund a N2N with a cost of at least $2,400.

How do I begin?

As you consider being a part of this incredible ministry team you should know that through your time and financial involvement as an IC PRO Team member you’ll be making a tremendous difference in the lives of thousands around the world.

Pray and ask the Lord how He wants you to be involved. Then complete the commitment card or sign-up for the PRO Team at www.ic-world.org.

International Commission will provide training to the Cluster Leader and Group Leader on how to enlist team members and how team members can allow the Lord to use them to fund their commitments.

How do I know that a N2N is effective?


IC has been conducting partnership evangelism projects for over 35 years and N2N projects since 1992 – listen to what the nationals are saying about this incredible ministry opportunity:

Jonanias Menezes

“I have been a pastor in Brazil for 40 years. I know of no other plan that is more effective in evangelism that an International Commission project. I have pastured my current church for 20 years. During this time, the church has organized four mission churches with the 5th mission soon to be started. The plan my church used was exactly the same plan as an International Commission project.”


Because nationals can:

Go to where many Americans can’t! Some countries are closed and others are too dangerous for Americans.

Go at a lower cost than Americans. Potentially, for every $1.36 given for a N2N, someone will accepted Jesus as their Savior. For more information www.ic-world.org