Jill Vande Zande » International Commission

Jill Vande Zande

Administrative Assistant, Mobilization

Jill works closely with project coordinators and participants to make sure they have everything they need before they go. She calls her job “part problem-solving, part teaching, part-detail execution, and all ministry,” and loves to work on something that has eternal value. She hopes to see more decisions for Christ, deeper disciples, and a global impact for the glory of God as a result of International Commission’s ministry in the years to come.

True to her Dutch heritage, her favorite ice cream flavor is Blue Moon because of its almond flavoring. She enjoys reading, cooking, watching a thought-provoking movie, or discussing theology. Her favorite nickname is one given to her by people she encountered in Kenya: “Gababtu” meaning “short , little one.” Though she might be short in stature, Jill is a giant addition to the headquarters staff, and is an example to everyone she works with of diligent and dedicated service to God through her work.