What Is a Project? How Mission Trips Work » International Commission

IC’s two main tiers of ministry are evangelistic International Projects and N2N (National-to-National) projects.

Through the 200+ N2N projects each year, nationals in local churches worldwide work together to share Jesus and make disciples in their communities. Through the 25+ International projects each year, visiting churches from the United States and other nations go at the invitation of a hosting church or association to work with them in a week of evangelistic outreach and discipleship. In either case, the goal and the work are the same.

We’re currently developing projects in North America!


Each team will work side-by-side with the leadership and members of the hosting church(es). Members of these hosting churches pray for months for lost friends, family members, and neighbors in preparation to share the gospel. People from all walks of life, ages 13-85, are used effectively in these projects.


The two basic areas of project work are visitation and evangelistic services. Participants often spend two or three hours each morning and each afternoon in scheduled visitations. They witness in homes, parks, factories, prisons, schools, and wherever the host church desires.  Many other evangelistic opportunities come outside the scheduled visitation.  Interpreters and bilingual tools are used as aids in communicating the Gospel (where applicable). Host churches often hold nightly evangelistic services. The local pastor participates in the invitation and counseling in order to bond the respondents to the local church.


IC provides training and preparation for the sending and hosting churches.  We will assist the churches in understanding cultural differences, language barriers, and discovering how God can best use them. International participants will use their own personal testimonies (translated into the local language, as needed) as a conversational evangelism tool.


Host churches continue follow-up, evangelism, and ongoing long-term discipleship with new believers.


Would you like to share the gospel in your community in North America but are not sure where to begin? Not only does IC offer evangelism training and materials to churches, but IC is also taking its wealth of experience with international evangelism projects and developing similar projects with churches across North America. Let us help you reach your community and other communities around North America for Christ. If your church would like to host a project, contact [email protected]. If you are interested in going as a participant on a North America project, see our GO page to apply!