In Memoriam: Calvin Beach » International Commission

The news that Calvin Beach, who was a pastor, International Commission board member, staff member and served his last 2 years with IC as President of International Commission died on July 28, 2017 was sad news. Yet, the “Good News” is Jesus saves and because of Calvin accepting Jesus as his savior, today he is in the presence of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Calvin was one of the very first pastors that Ben Mieth, founder of IC, enlisted to go on those early projects. He led his churches, First Baptist Church Plains, and later a church in Albuquerque, to send teams on those very first projects to Chiapas, Mexico; Guatemala, and El Salvador. It was in El Salvador that his team first used a questionnaire to help present the Gospel. It was so effective that it was added to the printed testimony that soon evolved into the tri-fold testimony tract that is used today by IC.

In the fall of 1978, IC moved to Dallas to work with World Evangelism Foundation. This ministry was searching for a pastor to enlist churches to send a team or teams on projects. Ben encouraged Dub Jackson to talk with Calvin. Calvin moved to Dallas to join the staff of WEF. After a year of ministering together, it seemed best that these two ministries continue their work separately.

Calvin joined with IC in 1980, and over the next 15 years made a great impact on the ministry work of IC. Ben was our leader and Calvin was our pastor. When IC needed someone to preach at a meeting, it was Calvin who was most often given the assignment. It was as though he was like “superman stepping into a phone booth” when he stepped into the pulpit. God would empower him, and he would preach with the power of God.

In 1993, Ben stepped down as president of IC. IC called the next president who later that year felt he had misunderstood God’s calling for his life and resigned. Calvin agreed to serve as president until he reached the age of 65 which was a little less than 2 years away. That spring Calvin Beach along with Francisco Nuñez and Rodney Cavett were a part of a three-day meeting with Andy Read.  Every day they would go to Calvin’s house where a mission statement was written along with plans for IC’s future ministry work.  Most of the plan seemed impossible; these men had no idea how it would happen except God would have to do it. Out of those meetings, came the God-given goal to be in every country of the world by 2013.

Sometime in July the IC board met to determine the next steps to find the President to replace Calvin.  At the meeting, Calvin presented the mission statement and plans for approval by the board.   Calvin, Francisco, and Rodney wondered if the board would think they were all crazy.  They were excited when Orville Rogers, IC board member, said “I think this is great. It is exciting to see and discuss plans for the future instead of talking about our problems.”

In the fall of that year, Calvin took IC’s newest staff member Gary Baird to Trinidad so he could participate in a preparation retreat. Gary resigned his position as a pastor in Oklahoma to join the IC staff, and become the first IC staff member to have a ministry partner team which provided financial support for his ministry work including his salary. Gary preached, interacted with the people and greatly impressed Calvin.  Calvin returned and reported that he believed Gary should be the next president of IC.  About a year later, Gary did, in fact, become president of IC.

Calvin was not only a wonderful pastor to all the staff; he was the “glue” that held the staff together during that transition time after Ben retired until Gary became president.  Thousands came to know the Lord from all the projects he led, and the messages that he preached.   He and Juanez always lived sacrificially to serve the Lord especially in those days in Dallas.   He lived his life wholeheartedly for the Lord.

Thank you, Calvin for providing a wonderful example of how to live the Christian life.