Can I REALLY Trust Jesus? » International Commission

can i really trust jesusStories about every mission trip are special and specific. I have been on nine mission trips, but one thought lingered…what will make this trip to El Vigia, Venezuela special. In what ways will God stretch me and make me more useable to Him?

Thursday night, I was taken to a home to visit with believers, have a nice meal and share the gospel with just one person. This one person had been prayed for purposely during the Operation Andrew Project.

The night went well. I really felt a strong connection to the family. Fellowship was good. As the evening was drawing to an end, it was time to share the gospel with Karrina.

Karrina is a very pretty young lady. She is collegiately educated, married to a good man and the mother of two young children. During our conversation, she knew that she was the reason I was at her home. We spoke of the things we had in common, and then she asked me, “Can I REALLY trust Jesus?”

At that moment, the Lord laid upon my heart to share what the last three years of life had been like for me and my family. It was a transparent moment revealing my desire to follow His will for my life, but I wanted to do it my way not His way. This took me and my family down a road of pain and sorrow…a road of financial instability. Settling for the good things of God, but not allowing Him to give us His very best. Finally, after three years of frustration, last June, I submitted to Him completely. In doing so, He has placed me on a path that brings glory and honor to Him…a place of peace in a world of chaos.  As I wiped the tears from my eyes, I shared with Karrina the gospel of Jesus Christ. I shared with her how it changed my life.

I gave her an invitation to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Without hesitation, she said, ‘YES!” My interpreter, Jesus, led her in prayer. She looked at me with tears streaming down her face. She told me how she wanted to raise her children in the Lord. She wanted to be the best wife to her husband. She asked me, “How can I do that?” I expressed to her to allow the Lord’s leadership in her life to lead her. He would help her in every aspect of her life. I reinforced to her you can REALLY trust Jesus in everything you do.

Finally, I asked Karrina to do something I normally do not have new believers to do…I asked her to share her decision with her family. She said, “YES.” Oh, what a time of rejoicing we had as she shared with her family all Jesus Christ had done for her. I never will forget that evening in El Vigia, Venezuela! I guess you can REALLY trust Jesus!