Curiosity of Seven Teenagers » International Commission

I went to the Archar area. There is a small church there, with gypsies and rudari believers. The church is in the center of the village. A few days we were in the suburb, accompanied by brother Siam and four sisters who knew Romanian. From the beginning, we were accepted in a garden where there were tables and chairs and they were serving drinks, water, and sweets. God worked, and the owner of that place has opened it for us to be able to share the Gospel, so together with Brother Stelica Buliga we made two teams. I personally shared the Gospel to the owner of the place, Diana, and to Slavic (55 years old), her brother. Diana listened for a little while and then told us to talk to the others, because he already knows about this and she is busy. It was actually a way of rejection, but her brother continued listening and he decided to accept Christ in his life and start walking on the path of faith.

In that place, together with brother Stelica, we shared the Gospel with 20 people. Brother Stelica shared the Word of God with Diana’s mom, a 78 year-old woman who had a few questions. Then Florea (77 years old) and Ivan (73 years old) came along and they understood the message and decided to accept Christ in their hearts as a Savior and Lord.

When we were about to leave, seven teenagers came along and said they were interested to know about how their sins can be forgiven. At the beginning, the one who seemed to be their leader, Ivan (20 years old) said they have no sins. I asked them what is considered a sin and read from Matthew 5:21-22. Then they said that if calling someone “Raca” or “fool” or if being angry is a sin, then they are actually in a really bad situation. From then on, they listened carefully to see if they can find forgiveness and if there is a way that they can get into Heaven. I shared with them about who JESUS is and why He died on the cross. They understood that He paid the price for our sins and that they have to believe in Jesus, ask Him to come in their hearts, and follow Him the rest of their lives. We had a great joy — and I am certain that in Heaven it was great joy as well —when all seven teenagers prayed, recognized they have sinned, and asked Jesus to come in their lives as Lord and Savior. Ivan said he wants to see us again and promised he will take us to all the families in his neighborhood.

Therefore, he did! The second day he met us, he took us to see his mother, Maria (42 years old), and his sister, Teta (24 years old); both of them happily heard the Gospel and came to Christ. Then Ivan teamed up with brother Stelica and he went to his grandmother, Petra, who came to Christ as well. In Petra’s house also lives one of the seven teenagers who came to Christ, Ratcu (16 years old) because he is an orphan.

Maria, Ivan’s mother, went with me to talk to a few families. Maria would stop at every door and ask, “Do you want to hear the Word of God for soul salvation?” Two people said “no” and she was discouraged. But she took us to a friend’s house where a woman was with her 12 year-old son. She was so happy to hear the Gospel, that like Zacchaeus, she received Jesus in her heart with great joy and excitement. Maria was happy that another friend, Vanea (37 years old), and her son, Mario, accepted to talk to us. God prepared the way! They understood the awfulness of sin and the great Grace of God; that through the sacrifice of His son, Jesus, He paid for our sins so we can be forgiven. Happily, they accepted Jesus in their hearts and decided to follow Him for the rest of their lives. When we were leaving, Vanea asked us to pray for her husband, Goran (43 years old), and for her daughter, Sara (18 years old).

At the end of the day, Maria said we should go visit Latco, a 71-year-old man who is sick and in bed. We got into their yard and saw a table outside in the shade with chairs. Latco’s wife, Marica, invited us to take a seat. Marica and her daughter, Galea, heard the Gospel. Marica said she used to be a believer, but she stopped going to the church. We advised her to go back and not to abandon the faith. We went into the house and shared the Gospel using the Evangecube. Latco and his daughter realized they are sinners and that Jesus came to earth to die for our sins. Then, they said they want to go to Heaven to be with Christ. They don’t think they deserve it, but through Christ, they will be accepted into Heaven. Praise the Lord!

There is great joy in Heaven when a single sinner comes to Christ, and we experience great joy as well!
We had a lovely time in church as well when 12 more people came and confessed that they decided to follow Christ. The church almost doubled their number and we asked that God would bless them!
Daniel L