Do any of you have a Bible? » International Commission

Do any of you have a bibleWhat an amazing event happened during a project in a nation located in Asia where more than 98 percent of the people are unbelievers.  Our project teams where invited into the schools to share the “Good News.”

Each school is in an area similar to a school auditorium where there is an actual a temple with a prominent large gold statue.

It was an awesome sight to see students of all ages gathered in groups within a few feet of the statue, listening intently to the gospel presentation, hearing answers to their questions which revealed Bible truth and then bowing their heads to ask Jesus to forgive them!

One of the most powerful moments occurred in a school classroom of about 80 older students. When asked to respond, five students stood up to pray. There was no hesitation as they made this choice for faith.  It was not the whole class, but those five exhibited an understanding of the salvation message and a desire for Jesus! How powerful that was!

Do any of you have a bible?A wonderful Bible distributing organization had given 46,000 Bibles to students who attended school in the project area about a month before our arrival.  In each school, the question was asked: “Do any of you know about Jesus?”  Rarely would a hand go up.  “Do any of you have a Bible?”  Every hand would go up! To see the Bibles in the hands of these students who had started reading them even without knowing their significance was truly God at work.  Then to be able to help the students find John 3:16 in their own Bible after they had prayed to receive Jesus was such a privilege.  We knew we were precisely in the place and at the time the Lord intended.

Daisey Maxey