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Do you like teaching school age students, your kids, your grandkids, or family members?

If so, I want to invite you to a great opportunity this summer!

By going you will see and experience a beautiful country as no tourist ever will: living with a Hungarian family in their home, meeting their friends and family, and not only seeing Budapest, but also large and small towns and villages outside the capitol.

Mission projects are June 20 – July 1, June 27 – July 8, or July 4 – July 15, 2018. You have the opportunity to stay one week or more if you desire too.

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Let me share with you some testimonies from three Hungary projects of last year. Some participants this was their second trip.

The children were one of the things I will never forget. Watching and working with them in the classroom was special.

Watching them learn the Bible verses and saying them in English was great. Also teaching them in American sport: Baseball. The people were like family to us. It was home away from home. They provided everything for us. The connection I made with them was heart-warming. They went out of their way to make us comfortable as possible. Caleb

The most memorable experience for me was hearing all the students in my class recite all five of the verses. Their prize was Mentos! The children were so engaging each day and actively involved in the learning process. The families expressed excitement and full satisfaction with the week. Even the ones who were not Christian. English was learned but the truths of Christ were taught. Emma


This trip is the first time I had an opportunity to spend the weeks with my granddaughter. It was the first mission trip and it was a wonderful experience. I’ve always been amazed at God’s ability to provide. Even the little things such as needing another bookmark that just happened to appear. In Valencia, the parents are so involved. One of the parents came to tell us how glad she was we were there because her son was coming home speaking English. We hope the seeds we planted will take root! Love the schools, the children and their families. We had 37 children between the two camps. Peggy and Breanna

My class of 21 students, ages 11-12, were quiet and courteous the first 3 days. So much so that I thought I wasn’t

getting through to them. They were having a good time, but we seemed to lack a real connection. On Thursday I gave a short personal testimony about Jesus in my life. That afternoon we made available to the students a form where they could express interest in accepting Christ. To my amazement, all 7 boys who were not Christian responded. The pastor interviewed the boys and found they had a deep sense of their sin and need for Jesus. Errol


Every evening for dinner we would eat at the church with the members. As the week progressed, it seemed the size of the group grew. Some of them were children who attended our camp as well as the church, so it was great to spend time with them playing ultimate frisbee and trying to learn Hungarian words. On Friday evening when we said our goodbyes, there were tears shed. It is amazing how quickly strong bonds can form when the Lord is involved. We have already received prayer requests from one of the kids about things going on in his family. It is such a special thing to know he trusts us and feels close enough to ask us to pray. Already missing my brothers and sisters!

In the second camp I really loved the woman’s group that took place. It was such an amazing thing to allow the mothers of the children and many of the interpreters to be allowed to attend after we had completed classroom teaching. This was an amazing experience to get to do with my grandmother. To see her teach the 6 and 7-year-old children. I was there to help her and make things go a little smoother by setting up all the activities and prepping the arts and crafts. Lisa


We had a very positive experience with our night time adult camp. One 17-year-old boy prayed to receive Christ. Several ladies showed real interest in the Christian message and one man invited the pastor to start an English Bible Study in his home. Anonymous


Juan and I were going around our room on Thursday morning. We took each child’s bag and used the name tag to pray for each one. As we prayed for Anna, the Holy Spirit touched Juan’s heart and he started crying over her. God told him she was traumatized and living in fear. On Friday she gave us a slip of paper and asked Jesus to be her Savior. One thing that really touched me is that the camp is still singing songs I taught them 4 years ago and young people who accepted Jesus in my class are now working as volunteers in the camp. Fruit remains. Deborah


What really stood out to me was how eager the children were to get to know us and try to speak with us even though their English was limited. I learned firsthand that God’s love breaks all language barriers. I will never forget being able to connect with the children in my class either by teaching, playing foosball or other sports or just chatting, I will also never forget getting closer with two families from the church. We enjoyed dinner together and they welcomed us in like family. It was a beautiful thing. Ashley


I think the most important part of this mission was the fellowship. The church we visited as a small church and it was hard to make things work. They told us they needed a revival – something that would refresh the lift of the church. The members said we were an answer to prayer. Since the church was small, it was easy to communicate to most of the church members. Most have crazy life stories. One single mom was raising 4 children. She has been through a lot.

She opened her heart to me after one of my Bible lessons because I spoke about things she was dealing with. I felt like praying for her. Afterwards I spoke to her son and he told me the Bible lesson was something his mom really needed to hear. She started crying and agree with her son, saying she had needed to hear that for a long time so she could stand strong and be faithful to God. A lot of people opened their hearts and friendships were made. Ineta


Although I am Hungarian born, I have been living in the United States for 24 years. I had planned to go on international missions with my church in North Carolina (they have a strong mission emphasis). I never imagined Hungary would be my first mission! I enjoyed working with third grade children. The camp supporters (preparing dinners, snacks) can be easily swapped with the helping women of my church – and no one would notice! It’s great to interact with God’s beautiful people and I pray our work here has a ripple effect in the community. Eva