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In past years, IC has had Brazil projects in Jacarepagua, Goiania, Japeri, Umuarama, Sergipe, Sao Jose, Sao Pualo, Rio Preto, Alag
oas, and Rio De Janeiro.

This year, we have two projects in Brazil! The first project is in the middle of July going to Montes Claros and the second project is in the middle of October going to Sao Vicente.


Here are s1ome exciting testimonies from few participants who went to Rio De Janeiro last year…

We went on a home visit. There were three generations in the house; an elderly grandfather, 4 young ladies, and one child in preschool. We shared the good news of Christ. I also used the EvangeCube. The older man and three of the young ladies prayed to receive Jesus. The other young lady rededicated her life to Christ. Afterwards, I asked the older gentleman if he had any other needs I could pray for before I left. He shared that the last young lady was sick with cancer. The young lady shared her illness. We came together as believers to pray for healing for her. I love leading families to Christ. Janetta


On Friday evening, after making some difficult visits, we gathered at the church for worship. Following worship, about 25 or so of us put on reflective vests. With church information in hand and led by Brenda, the worship leader, we walked a quarter mile to the square. This is an outdoor area in the community where all types of vendors set up to sell a variety of items. This is a big event that draws a great number of people. We engaged people as we walked to the square and gave them tracts with church information. Pastor Jackson led one young man to Jesus along the way. My interpreter, Rachel, noticed a group of teenage boys huddled together and we discussed approaching them. She didn’t want to do that without another man with us. Pastor Jackson came along and he began to speak to them, and then introduced me. I shared the gospel using our evangelistic wrist band. The boys listened intently, and when I asked them if they wanted to receive Jesus as their savior, one of the boys said in broken English, “This is what we need to hear. This is what our generation needs.” They all prayed to receive Jesus as Savior. We then discovered they were a rap group. They began to rap about Jesus and salvation, making it up as they sang. The rest of our group gathered around us by then and we all celebrated their salvation.

After that, we went to an open area where Pastor Jackson took the guitar and led us all in singing songs of praise. How wonderful it was to be with a church that is so open to sharing the gospel in their community! I praise God for the opportunity to have been a part of such a wonderful body of believers. John


The highlight of my week was when 9 young rappers came to know Jesus. The Holy Spirit was there at the start because they were engaged and very excited to hear what we had to say. They listened to everything John and Pastor Jackson had to say. It was so encouraging to watch them all take the gift that God offers us. They were full of hope and peace even though they may have had a rough past. The future is going to be amazing if they continue to grow their walk with the Lord. They sang a couple freestyle rap songs about God and His glory after. The young gentleman who spoke English said, “This is exactly what we needed to hear, so thank you all so much for taking time out of your night.” Megan


On one of our visits, our church leaders took us to a very poor part of town. We went into a home of a young lady with a small child. As we began to share with her one of the ladies in our group asked her how many children she had. She answered one, living. Up to then, the young woman had shown no emotion. We continued to share the plan of salvation and one big tear started to run down her cheek. She prayed to receive Christ at the end of our visit. Afterwards, while we were all fellowshipping and thanking God for her new-found faith, the young lady told us her husband had died about one year ago. She had fallen into a deep depression and could no longer nurse her baby. With no other means, her baby died. Duane


On Tuesday, Duane and I went to a home where we had to split because it was a multi- family home and the families were not speaking. I was with a group of women where a young mother of three accepted Christ. It never seems good for families to be split, but in this case, it enabled me to share about childhood trauma that, in a larger setting, I may not have been as inclined to share. The young mother was invited to church and she arrived on Wednesday. We embraced and cried together. I took my ring off my finger and placed it in her hand, telling her that it is to be a reminder of her promise to God and of His to her. She then cried more. Saturday, she brought her kids to a children’s event at church and we spoke more. It was here that she shared that she had a similar childhood trauma, but with a parental figure. I asked how life was going this week after accepting Christ. She shared the anger and hurt she had had been healed from and she spoke to her step-father without hate for the first time. The family was mended, and more importantly, God healed her heart. Now the joy of the Lord is clear upon her face and you can see a sparkle in her eyes that was not there the day we met. She will always be in my heart. Sheri


On Monday afternoon, there were no scheduled visits so I walked thru the neighborhood. I was asked if I would like to speak to a group of men with guns or two ladies. The men with guns were part of a local militia. I hesitated briefly and then said, “The men with guns.” There were about 8 men in the group. We were permitted to share with them. I gave my personal testimony and we talked for a while. One man said he was away from God. He had once had a relationship, but now felt far away. I shared with him the story of the prodigal son. I told him God would accept him with open arms. We were then allowed to pray over them. There were about 4 of them left at this point. Although I did not lead them through a salvation prayer, I did witness to them. As we walked up the hill toward the church, the young man with me excitedly told me that one of the men was the leader of the militia. He had been the one to tell me he was away from God. He had been very polite and attentive to me throughout the entire time. So, I had the privilege of witnessing to this man that may have a great influence on my others. Diane


The most important story is an 84-year-old lady. She stated something happened in her life. She was afraid one evening because somebody touched her shoulder, but no living person was in the room. She asked for prayer. I read Ephesians Chapter 6 about how we have all the tools to defend ourselves. I shared the plan of salvation and she accepted Christ. Praise the Lord.

Another woman and her daughter were members of the church. She was praying for her husband and son to accept Christ. In the beginning of the week, I tried to speak to them but it did not work out. I finally met with them on Friday. I was so excited when both father and son accepted Christ once they understood the plan of salvation. Heraldo


The highlight of this trip is participating with the church, reaching into the poorer areas of town to reach the lost and drug-addicted. One time, we shared our testimony with the “boss” of the neighborhood. Our believing volunteer from the church was a former drug dealer and gun trafficker. He knew everyone and was welcomed into the neighborhood every night. Many adults and children in the neighborhood found hope and a new life in Christ this week. The church will continue to follow up, as they love the people in bondage here. All glory to God. Steve


Last February, a man from the community killed his 2 children and himself. Oziela, one of the members at our church, felt very burdened by this situation. Even though she did not personally know this family, she felt a great need to pray for the mother of the man. Her heart broke for her and she began asking God for a way to minister to her. Soon she found a mutual acquaintance and was able to meet the mother. She told the woman that American missionaries were coming in July and set up a meeting for us. I believe our meeting was the second time Oziela had visited with the lady. I got to share the gospel through the EvangeCube on Tuesday. When I asked her if she would go to heaven if she died that day, she replied, “I want to die, I don’t want to be here anymore, but I don’t know if God would let me in heaven.” Oziela, the translators, and I continued to share God’s truths and the lady (Francelina) prayed to receive Christ. Her true healing has begun to take place. Jana


The Lord is in the prison of Rio de Janeiro. We were led to go to the prison Thursday. We met in a room holding over 40 prisoners. I preached on original sin and how God had killed the first animal to cover Adam and Eve’s sin. The disobedient were covered through the shedding of blood. What amazing love God showed! Then, looking at our sins, we all are in bondage. Jesus is the final sacrifice for our sins and through His blood we can be forgiven. Four inmates cried out for salvation and five recommitted their lives back to Jesus.

The rest of the story…we were taken to a baptism service of 35 brothers. There were around 300 brothers praising God! “Brothers, you are in prison, but in Christ you have freedom!” Gary