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Adkisson, Randall

Aguilar, Miriam

Administrative Assistant
Berryman, Aletha

Administrative Assistant
Bruner, Weng

Enlistment Admin Assistant
Bruner, Kenn

Enlistment Associate
Buliga, Sam

Area V.P. of Eastern Europe
Burnell, Sonia

Enlistment Coordinator
Byrd, Jerry

Area V.P. of Western Europe
Byrd, Janice

Area V.P. of Western Europe
Cavett, Rodney

President Emeritus
Chetwood, Jeff

Area V.P. of Asia
Chetwood, Jodie

Area V.P. of Asia
Collins, Rick

V.P. of AST
Daigle, Larry

Area V.P. of Africa
Gabrielyan, David

Regional Coordinator of Russi