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One of the goals of every project is to equip and enable the local church to continue to share the gospel after our teams leave.

Our translator, Emmanuel, was our church pastor’s 18-year-old son. At the beginning of the week, I told Emmanuel that at the end of the week I was going to give him the Evangecube (a gospel-sharing tool) and have him share the gospel on our visits.

On Thursday, we went out to our pastor’s property where we visited one of the neighbors named Edith. We gave Emmanuel the cube and asked him to share with Edith. 

Without hesitation, Emmanuel shared the gospel and Edith gladly chose to accept Christ as her Savior! The confidence Emmanuel walked away with from that visit was visible. Now when he returns to the property, he will be able to visit Edith with his father to disciple someone he personally led to the Lord.”


-1,096 put their faith in Jesus during this week-long trip in Bolivia!