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“A businessman who is also a well-known politician in the community gave his life to the Lord after a long time of working against the church. He was known for his anti-church actions and notions. the Lord touched him during this week of this project. One of the pastors invited him to one of the services and he refused to attend. Toward the end of the project, in their last evening service, they saw him walking into the church and everyone wondered was happening. He was welcomed by the ushers, and towards the end of the service, he asked for an opportunity to speak. He confessed that he had been invited but refused and he also said he could not sleep well throughout the week and the invitation kept on ringing in his ears and mind. The church shared the Gospel with him and he gave his life to the Lord for the first time in his life.”
Praise God for this testimony from a National-to-National evangelism project in Malawi last November, where believers from 20 churches shared the gospel with 3,250 people and 2,620 of those surrendered to Jesus!