What are National-to-National Projects? » International Commission


National-to-National (N2N) projects are a unique strategy of International Commission to train, equip and enable nationals from outside of the United States to become effective “fishers of men” and to make disciples in their own communities.

Since the first N2N was conducted in 1992, local leaders worldwide have stated that an N2N project is one of the most effective strategies to reach unbelievers, make disciples, and grow churches. Powered by believers in local churches who share Jesus  The effectiveness of N2N projects only continues to grow.

The essence of N2N projects is training, equipping and enabling of a first generation to share Christ with friends, family, and neighbors and disciple new believers. This generation then trains, equips and enables the next generation. It is one of the greatest stewardship opportunities for building the kingdom of God today.

On average, an N2N project can be funded for what it costs to send one American overseas on a short-term international project. Both of these aspects of ministry — missions by nationals and missions with nationals — are the heartbeat of International Commission and we are blessed to invite you to join us in the Great Commission by giving, going, or both.

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