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Have you been to Africa?

Do you want to share the Gospel with lost?

Come with us! This year, 2018, we have several opportunities to share with people in Africa: Kenya 2/21 – 3/5, Uganda 5/11 – 5/21, Zambia 7/12 – 7/23, Cameroon 8/30 – 9/10, and Benin 9/27 – 10/8. Visit to learn more.


Some testimonies from mission trips to Africa last year…

The guys had no idea, but God did! I met three brothers, one uncle, a dad, and a friend. They all had
different understandings of Jesus. They all thought they were believers because they went to church, but realized that church attendance didn’t save them – so they accepted Christ. The uncle had my attention! His name was Siad and, being 18, was a Muslim.
He listened intently as I shared Christ, pointing out the truth of
Jesus. He was enthralled and asked questions about the Muslim faith and how Christianity was different. I used the Law to show him his need for the Savior. He saw his sin and heard about his eternity without Christ. Siad gladly accepted Christ and his demeanor changed from sad to a joyful smile as he realized his sins can be forgiven by Jesus! God knew all along! – Gary

I walked into the open area in the middle of houses in a rural village outside of Malindi with my translator. She was a woman in my church. Over 30 people gathered to hear the American speak! I shared with them about Jesus. God allowed me to see the hearts of several of the men and women. As they listened, their hearts turned to joy. Over twenty people indicated they received Jesus. What rejoicing and praising God we shared! – Sherell

Thursday, we walked around what is called the slum in Malindi. We shared the Word with many, but most said they were already Christians. I was getting a little discouraged after about 2 ½ hours. We came upon three men who were selling marijuana cigarettes and we stopped to share with them. As we sat, two more young men came and sat down. I asked them if they knew Jesus and one said, “I know him, but I don’t have him here” and put his hand to his heart. I said, “Let me tell you how you can do that.” I shared and they both prayed to accept Christ. We sat for about an hour and several more young people came and sat down. One-on-one, we shared. Four young men received Christ and one young man rededicated his life. The Holy Spirit was there and I felt so blessed that God allowed me to experience it. There were several young men that rejected salvation that day, but the seed was planted, so we pray they will have another chance. – Crystal

Due to receiving wrong directions, our team was able to witness to drug dealers and addicts. We spent at least one hour with them. We started with the four dealers. They needed time to decide if they would be willing to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Every time we were preparing to leave, someone would sit next to me or my wife and ask why we were there. They would then listen to us share our message. Some willingly accepted. Some sat and listened, but we could tell they had been touched. At one time, we were told, no one would come and share the gospel with them – most groups just passed them by. They thanked us for stopping and showing them love and respect. Four new Christians were born and six asked for prayer. God is so good! – David

We entered the small 12×12 home that was divided into living and sleeping quarters by a curtain. The young man living there gave up the only chair in the home and stood quietly as I shared the story of Christ using the EvangeCube. Afterwards, with just a few questions, with tears in his eyes and a smile on his face, he eagerly accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. This was the first of many such meager homes entered this week. Praising God. – Alice

We were invited into the home of a Christian; however, her daughter and son were not saved. The daughter, Nora, did indicate she had joined the Jehovah’s Witness church. Using the family Bible, this brother and sister followed each scripture we pointed out. The scriptures were used to show them the true gospel story. They believed now that what the Jehovah’s Witnesses were teaching is not according to scripture and they accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We prayed that the brother and sister would grow stronger in the Lord. – Gwen

It was Tuesday in our village. After morning prayer I went to the field with the pastor’s granddaughter, Sylvia, to make Operation Andrew visits. My other teammates, Andrew and Anderson, went different directions. After 3 visits very close to the church, Sylvia took me to an area very far from the church. I knew she had a specific visit in mind. We entered a neighborhood with a wall; it was very clean and no children were playing in the street. We came to a white house and a Muslim woman with a head covering appeared in the doorway. The young woman and I sat on the steps of the home and I shared the EvangeCube. She was very attentive. She prayed to receive Jesus. As I spoke to her about the importance of going to church, she said, “I am a Muslim.” I said, “Now you are a Christian.” She replied, “I know this!” As we left the home, Sylvia explained that the woman is from a Muslim family. Her husband is a Christian and had been praying for her to come to Jesus for many years! The next morning, the husband came to the pastor’s house. He was rejoicing and so very thankful his wife now belongs to Jesus! – Cathy

As my interpreter walked away to complete paperwork, an elderly man came up to find out what was happening, underneath the covered tarp with the white woman. Since I could not speak the language, I was using the tract with our testimony and questions in their language. The man kept saying “yes” and pointing to the questions. Then a young boy named James came to my aid. He started explaining to the man. I saw what an impact James’ decision was already having on him. I remembered how he was so excited to say yes that he kept saying yes before I was finished. I asked my interpreter to come over and explain the EvangeCube. I gave James the EvangeCube. I told James he was going to be a great speaker for God. His face just beamed. He left the group to share with his friends. – Betty