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18 participants from 11 churches shared Jesus with 2,100 people in Zomba, Malawi during an N2N project in April. 1,347 professed faith in Christ!

Here’s an amazing story from that project:
When Pastor Kamoto and his team arrived at a home for their first visit, they found a woman busy with housework. When he asked if they could minister to her by sharing the Good News, she rejected the offer, saying she had heard enough of that from many different preachers. Pastor Kamoto asked if they could just pray for her and she maintained her position. So the team left to visit a nearby house, where they found a family that accepted the offer to hear the Word of God. The whole family accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Saviour! While Pastor Kamoto was praying with them, the woman who previously denied them came and interrupted, asking him to pray for her as well because she had been listening from outside and wanted to receive Jesus, too. She accepted Jesus, prayed, and was delivered from evil spirits.


About the area:

Malawi in general has suffered devastating wars, economic collapse, and famines. The poor administration and lack of citizens’ empowerment worsen the situation. The people of Zomba spend much of their time in the fields, but the farming activities are very minimal. The top of Zomba Plataeu has cooler weather and views of Lake Chilwa, Mount Mulanje, and the mountains in Mozambique. This area is heavily influenced by local cult movements. Pray that the gospel will continue to grow through the local believers.