The Fishing was Great! » International Commission

The fishing was greatNo Sonia didn’t catch this fish.  But God used the IC team to fulfill His promise of Mark 1:17, “Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men”.

After a week of evangelism in Jinja Uganda we are still praising God for the over 10,000 people who indicated that made decisions for Christ.

Although we have returned home, the project is not over.  The 23 Baptist churches in Jinja have a big job to disciple all of these new Christians and they have committed that this will be their focus in the coming months.

Through many generous financial gifts we were also able to purchase over 1,000 Bibles in Uganda to be handed out to the new believers so they have Gods word in their native tongue.

Fishing stories

Next to a school where we had just finished witnessing to the children and teachers there was a small brick structure. Our National Emanuel suggested we stop and pray for a woman in her mid 30’s that was sick in the home. We entered into the dark and dingy home for they had no electricity. There on a wooden bench we found the ill woman. She could not stand to her feet for she was in great pain in her legs and feet. We gathered around her, me, my interpreter and the National.  We laid hands on her and prayed that God would touch her in her body and remove the pain, that He would bless her and her home. We left her home and continued witnessing for the rest of the afternoon. After returning to the church that afternoon for service, we saw the woman that we had prayed for in the middle of the church dancing and rejoicing praising God for she had been healed by the power of God. We gave God thanks for His healing power demonstrated that day.
Wyatt A.

The fishing of men was greatI was in a small market across the street from the church. This little girl, 9 years old named Mercy was helping me. I shared with this Muslim boy who was 18.  I shared with him using the evangacube.  He was very moved by the pictures and I could tell he was getting it.  I then asked him if he believed that God is the Son of God.  He said “no” so I showed him Matthew 1:18.  Then he believed and I prayed with him.  He then told me his mother was a Christian and his father a Muslim.
Jessica L.

Friday was incredible.  God was really moving.  The area knew we were there and why.   All day people kept coming out to us to invite us to their homes because they wanted to be saved.  People even came to the church during lunch and after 4 pm, to make a decision for Christ.  One man came forward and said he came to put the devil to shame.
Debbie R.

This Project was a time to feel God’s power, His grace and His providence to equip and encourage His chosen ministers to share the Word. We bless the name of the LORD GOD.  Thank you for being good, hard working, gentle and committed to working with me for His mission and purpose!
Alfred A. leader in Jinja