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During the morning visits at Soche Baptist Church, we had four people who went out with us on a team to make visits and we only had one translator. One of the young men named Owen, who was actually the church guard and did not speak English, was with us. I noticed he kept watching intently as we shared the Evangecube and I showed him how to use it.

We had one visit left before we were to go back to the church for lunch.

Pastor George said we’d have to cancel it because we only had one translator, but I told him I didn’t need a translator.  I told Owen to come with me to make the other visit. I let him share the Evangecube with two men who were happy to pray for salvation!

After the prayer, I looked up and saw Owen with the biggest smile on his face—I couldn’t tell at that point who was the happiest, the men who prayed to receive Christ or Owen.

We met  back up with Pastor George and Owen told him that he had never led anyone to the Lord before. He was so excited! After lunch, we saw some boys walking down the road, so I told Owen, “Come on!”

He shared the Evangecube with them and they all prayed to receive the Lord. Owen was so excited that he went out all week with others to do visits.

Another joy of making fishers of men. Praise the Lord!

(From Sonia Burnell, reporting on the Malawi project in October)