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What missions work can be done when we’re forced to isolate, cease travel, and forsake gathering in large groups?

National-2-National Projects

This unique strategy of International Commission, or “N2N”, is God’s way of allowing us to continue to enable and equip believers worldwide to reach unbelievers and make disciples, but it does not require the partnership of US participants to join them. Because of this, the gospel is continuing to reach the lost in restricted access areas, places where it is not safe for internationals, such as ourselves, to go.

The number of N2N projects grow every year, and we rejoice in having approximately 400 in over 106 nations planned in 2020! Although we are not sending Americans to these areas, there is still preparation, funding, and training that goes into equipping the national churches to carry out the Great Commission task.

God knew our world would be in the state it is today. And we are thankful for the N2N model, which is designed to engage the global Christian family, no matter the crisis.

The urgency to make Christ known among the nations does not stop. Thus, International Commission does not stop. The body of Christ is needed now like never before to continue to pray and give so that these national believers can be enabled to “go and make disciples” in their community.

The average cost to send one American on a short-term evangelism project is $3,100. The average cost to support an entire N2N project is $2,500.

Will you please prayerfully consider investing in an N2N project today? You or your church group could invest a fraction of the cost to support dozens of national believers to be equipped and enabled to share the gospel, make disciples, and see national churches grow!