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Testimony & photos: Rob Johnson

During an International Commission project in Mongolia this July, Rob Johnson wrote, “Today 10 new believers in Jesus began a new life with God. This 93 year old woman prayed after her daughter and also preceded by her grandson. Three generations in one family in one hour changed their eternal destinies and their earthly goals. God does not wish any to perish but for all to come to repentance. God tells us that we are to be gersHis witnesses. Around the world I have found people who follow Jesus that don’t speak the same language but have the same heart and value the same beliefs that I do. I strongly urge you to get out of your comfort zone and go on a mission trip. You will never be the same. International Commission has trips to every area of the world. After a little training on witnessing and the culture, you work alongside church members to share the Gospel. Inside a ger, sharing the love of God with someone who has few possessions and little hope of a better tomorrow as he or she prays to accept Jesus, you see the change in their face. Salvation brings not only a heavenly eternity but an earthly abundant life. In those divine moments when God moves in someone’s life, I have such joy that exceeds my best day at Disneyland.”

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